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A Day in the Life: Jane Lewis of Goat


British designer Jane Lewis established her label Goat in 2001 after she couldn’t find anything that excited her whilst out shopping.  Her business has been a careful, slow build, but in the last two years has been accelerating fast, and she has been in the public eye for dressing  the likes of Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller and Gwyneth Paltrow — as well as the most famous of them all, the Duchess of Cambridge.


I first came across the collections on the rail during a press day around ten years ago, and have always been drawn to her simple shapes and clear, bold colour palette: quite simply she makes supremely flattering clothing.  My-Wardrobe describe her offer as ‘Quintessentially quiet, luxurious and effortlessly chic’. I’d day that was about right. So I’m thrilled that Jane, is the next up in my A Day in the Life series, where female entrepreneurs and leaders in ther fields show us what it’s involved in staying at the top of their game.


Over to Jane:


Up at 7am to find my 5 year old has crept into bed with us some time during the night. Again! The 8 yr old wanders in and then  the 2yr old is up too. There is thumb sucking and bottle gulping: they are squabbling and hungry, so I shoo them downstairs. I need a few seconds of P and Q so I can watch Carol tell me the weather on BBC. I get ready, dress quickly in jeans, new Nike trainers and the wool crêpe Randolf Jacket from the summer collection.



Breakfast time in the kitchen — a flurry of plaits and pony tails, teeth, toast and home made leaf crown “wear and share” (from yesterdays nature trip), and new shoes, accompanied by a sequin top request from my 8 year old for the disco at her school field trip next week.


I drop the girls to school then head to Granger for my much-needed coffee. I sit at the bar and take my book so I can read for half an hour whilst also checking emails. I am finally finishing Hilary Mantel’s ‘Bringing up the Bodies’ so that I can begin my book club’s new choice.


9.30am I have a quick breakfast and a second coffee with my PR at The Wolesley. It’s a lovely sunny day, so I walk back to the office via Dover Street Market and have a nose about.


I also checked out Jaeger’s new boutique for designers on their second floor to see how our collection looks. Run into the buyer and have a quick chat. All looks great.


11.30am Meeting with my MD at my desk. There is lots to chat about, as she brings me up to speed on projects we are working on and dates for my diary.


Sort out lab dip disaster – colours are not as per my spec. I speak to the mill and sort it out, as the time line is short.


2 pm. Skip lunch. It’s a busy day: there are fittings this afternoon and a fit model booked for two hours. I discuss construction and fit of all garments in detail for production as well as next season’s sample collection. There are lots of amendments and note taking, with thankfully lots of tea, and chocolate nuts to nibble on too.



I then talk about next season’s shoot with Maeve who manages all our visual content for the web — the feel of the collection, time line, number of images required, studio and the all important hunt for the right model.


Loved my last shoot and so we are using the same wonderful photographer and stylist as last time. Photos of my smallest are emailed through the day from my amazing nanny. Love it.


5.20 pm leave office. Need to collect my eldest from netball. She tumbles into the car gabbling and giggling with stories from her day…


Home. The other two are eating already. Hugs and cuddles all round. Sit with the kids whilst they finish their dinner then straight into bath time and homework. Stories, stories and more stories. Husband home just in time for kisses goodnight.


7pm. Jump in the bath and get ready to head out for dinner at 5 Hertford Street with friends. Wear the new powder blue “Sabrina” dress from new A/W13 collection with my vintage Prada block heels. Catch up with my husband in the cab on the way. It’s the first chance I’ve had  to talk to him all day.


It’s late. Try and watch an episode of Revenge (Emily Thorn – trilingual, ninja, professional computer hacker, South Hampton socialite, philanthropist, accomplished equestrian. Need I go on?).


So tired I don’t make it past the credits.


A Day In The Life: Jane Lewis reproduced here with the kind permission of LIBERTY LONDON GIRL

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